Sunday, 9 July 2017

Good luck, Demon King! Season 2 [COMPLETED] Chap 89-91

Another project is completed. There are some confusion about why I'm working on two seasons at the same time. Not many people agree to this but I think season 2 is prequel of season 1 so it's best to read it first. Though, the story completely independent of each other so you can read either one of them. Season 2 helps you to understand season 1 better. I still stand for my reason. [ Don't try to argue with me by writing comments below or send me email, guys]  ^^;

KFN will be added to the completed list soon. 


  1. Thank you for releasing chapters on this manhua ^.^. I'm actually pretty sad on this ending of the manhua :( but overall it did had a good story line though. So again thanks for translating this manhua to it's final chapter. I'm also sad KFN is ending as well but if the author/artist wants it to end then I respect the author/artist's decision.

  2. Thank you for translating, gosh this is ended on a sad yet hopeful (*enters Nagito Komaeda*) note, but its been wonderful reading this manhua. Seeing my ultimate ship in this manhua die was also really sad. The ending is making dying for more, but this series was awesome!!! Happy day scans! :D

    1. Was your ship RaythunderxMilla? becasue that was my ship and I was sad seeing it sink D8.