Saturday, 21 May 2016

Release II

Chap 5 & 6 

Chap 127 

Chap 58 & 59 

If you notice my translation work ( the chapters that I translated- look at the credit), I try to use the Chinese words so the readers could learn Chinese as well. Of course, I'll include the English meaning next to it. 
Btw, manhua has so many idioms/ slangs  @@  It's ridiculous. Can they even use the normal language? 
For Vampire Sphere, the recent chapters, there are two translators: me and Ying. I think most people will have a difficult time to remember the names. I use the Chinese names and Ying uses the English names. You will see the different names come up but they are actually of the same person. Just one in Chinese and one in English. 
I want to try to use watermark so I experiment it on Knight Fantastic Night because it's the most popular manhua on manga hosting sites comparing to others. The aim is to let more people know about Mystic Crescent Scans and what they are reading is MANHUA. It's really annoying me seeing someone uses the word 'manga/ manhwa'. It's a manhua - a Chinese comic. 

I want to thank our translator team: Ziyi & Ying & Shino (^^) and our proofreader team: Tanner & Gabrielle & Alexie to make all these releases possible. You're awesome!!


  1. Soo happpyuyuyyyyy im crying right now huhuhu

  2. Thanks for the hard work....

  3. omg thank you so much for your hard work :D

  4. Thanks for the hard work....

  5. Thanks for the work on these manhua!!!! Sorry it this might be werid butt what manhua is the bottem pic??? ( Chap 58 & 59 ) Anyway GOOD LUCK ON DOING THE OTHER MANHUA!!!

  6. Sorry,but what's the name of the first manhua?
    The one that says Chao 5&6.
    And also a BIG thank you for your hard work for all those manhua,I just practically cant live without thise updates😂

  7. thanks a lot.... my first manhua is KFN. i blindly love its art work, hilarious and heart warming story plot nd its brilliant translation. thanks, thanks all of u for ur hard works. keep it up plz until the ending.

  8. manhua?? oh, I've been reading Godly bell, i was wondering why there is the word 'manhua', thanks for your explaining