Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I'm very disappointed and angry at someone who is working on one of our active projects: Good luck, Demon King! http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/good_luck_demon_king/
I understand we take long time to release the chapters but our staff working on them behind-the scene. We're busy with our personal lives but we try to do the best we can litle by little in our free time. 

I'll talk to our translator who is working on this pj and see how we go, more likely we will drop it. There are some chapters translated by her so I may work on them even though they've been translated by another group:(


  1. Those thieving fake biased fans! The best thing to do id to inform the admids from that site and tell them of the situation and violation of the copyrights.

  2. good luck, but please listen to me as soon as you finish release cause we are burning. i never begged anyone before but because you and your work are abnormal(the best) i beg you i beg you i beg you i beg you i beg you and million thanks for your hard work.

  3. That's terrible D8. Also don't they know the word Patience??!! but anyways I wish people know that you guys were still working on the manhua or other manhuas instead of just thinking you guys quit and took one of your projects you guys were still working. Still I can understand why you guys are upset though. My guess is it was one of those people who don't know patience and decided to take one of your projects :(.

  4. the Person who worked on it posted it on bato.to
    I suggest you message them and fight for your project!
    also give them an ear full on how scanlation ethics work =_=

  5. Even if you wish to drop it afterwards you should still take out your anger on them who has no regard for the other's hard work