Monday, 30 October 2017

Vampire Sphere 100 and 101


  1. Thank you so much for the translation.
    PLease, do not take it as a critization, but I can't let if go. It is a problem I wish to mention you, and it isn't a complaint, or something like this.
    Were these chapters really proofread? Terms that were unchanged (sort of) for almost a hundred chapter now changed and mixed up - Sabbat changed to Magic Assocation, Xi Tai (his name is in the recent chapter) changed to Horus (please, do not mix up the 2), Osiris titles connected to the Hunters completely unfollowable. A bunch of term untranslated...
    Sometimes a sentence is put on a picture twice, when it shouldn't be that way (100/31 pic).
    For fanatic fans it is clear - for now - but those who only casually read it soon this will become a mess.
    As I said, this was not critization. I am grateful for your work, and I am happy that you are doing it.

    1. Firstly thanks for pointing out p31. It's fixed.

      Secondly, there was one translator working on VS to keep the consistency but she quitted so there are now 2 different translators working on this series. Of course, the way they translate is different. And keep in mind that Vampire Sphere is very challenging to translate from Chinese to English.

      Thirdly, please don't expect high quality from us. We are doing it this for free so we are trying our best to make manhua readable and understandable as best as we can.
      To ask for perfection in everything we do is impossible.

    2. Thanks for answering. I am aware of the things you mentioned, and it was only made into more like a suggestion. I don't know how much feedback you get,consider this as one you can use if you are interested in making your work better.
      I love your translations and they are in great quality. Don't doubt that. We are human, we make mistakes.

    3. You can't really except them to make chapters all in high quality. Sure they are going make mistakes on chapters which is Translating something in a different language is difficult especially trying getting the whole chapter scan through and so forth takes time out of their day. Yes it was good you at least help them by pointing out some of the mistakes they made however like shino said they are doing these projects out of their own free time and doing them for free. As they are not getting paid to translate them but doing this out of their own kindness so other people can enjoy the world of manhua. Plus they are also trying their best to have manhua readable for others to understand what's going on in the chapter but please just be grateful for their work and also I don't think they need to make their work better as it's fine as it is.