Monday, 26 September 2016


There are unexpected things happened in my personal life and I think I have to reschedule my time dedicated for Mystic Crescent Scans.  I've decided to drop these following projects: San Yan Xiao Tian Lu, Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations, Yue Shi and Chasing the Sun. I put Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou as a hiatus project because I may pick it up in the future. However, if there is any scanlation group wants to work on this manhua, please send me an email and I will cease the status. 
Now, the active projects are KFN, Vampire Sphere, Good luck, Demon King and Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan. The group now has four projects to work on which is a perfect number as I don't have many staff. 

Hope you guys understand and keep supporting Mystic Crescent Scans! :) 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Qishi Huanxiang Ye Chap 136

It's so cute to see Arthur gets jealous haha
I don't like his sister. She's up to no good ><