Saturday, 17 June 2017

Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou chap 51-54

*Phew* finally done with these chapters. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. The story progressing from calm to dramatic. I think more people will love this manhua because the female lead is a badass later on and there're sci-fi, action,romance elements in the plot. Who'd hate them? They'll love it!!! There's a bonus. Each chapter has 24 pages to us, we be like @@, to readers XD

I may say it early but time will tell hehe

Prince, Don’t Do This! Chap 17-19

Good luck, Demon King! Season 2 Chap 85-86

Few more chapters to go then this project will be completed :) 

Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou chap 48-50

Hello hello! ^^

My team will focus on Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou so anyone is a fan of this project, you can expect frequent releases :) We'll try to reach the current chapter which is 186 @@ We'll get there hehe