Prince, Don’t Do This! [Dropped]

Summary: In order to fulfil her mission of bringing peace to the land, the Princess of Uighur is going to travel to Changan and marry a prince. Her task is extremely difficult! She has to increase her IQ, finish her assignment, and try to win the love of the handsome prince!

Author: Dong Man Tang

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  1. I can't wait for the next chapter release! I'm interested in this manhwa

  2. where i can see the english version?? its cannot see it in

  3. I check out the raws of this manhua and this one is going be a other good manhua :D. Can't wait for more chapter releases on this manhua :3.

  4. May I have the Chinese title? I can't wait so I really want to try the raw.. TvT

    1. It's called Wang Ye Bu Yao La, or 王爷不要啦, by Dong Man Tang (动漫堂). ^-^

  5. Shino please help me ;-; im curious again please tell me the raws to this one i tried to find it in manhuatai but i couldnt -;;;; oh but again its okay if you dont want to xD thank you for everything! Tian jiang xian shu nan is my favorite ♥︎

    1. You can try A3manga.

      Here's the link to it.

    2. oh thank you! i couldn't really find it since i dont undestand the language but now i know! thank you so much~

    3. Here are raws.

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  7. That Jerk of a Prince, can I bite him ? *^* + Thanks for the translation guys x3 really x3

  8. I love this manhua ♥ ♥ thanks for the translations girls n.n *3* HE'S SO HANDSOME *w* ♥

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    "Authrized download"
    I dont know what to do

  10. Thank you so much for your hard work in translating these manghua
    I especially love this series.
    Many thanks and continue on with your excellent work.

  11. the cap 47 and 48 have the same link px

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING PRINCE DONT DO THIS! I LOVE this manga and I would not have been able to read it if it weren't for you guys! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!

  13. thanks so much!! love this <3

  14.'s's silent here are you guy's even checking us fans.we like to talk with you about everything . moooooh like you love your work

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  15. Thank you for the translations! I really love this manga! I will patiently wait for the new ones!

  16. looking forward to your translation for Prince Don't Do this I been waiting and always longing.

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  18. Hello, I'm reading in ch 95, but i don't know what is anzai and beiting ?. please anyone give answer to me. thanks

  19. Thank you for translating this. ^_^

  20. Aww. Why is its on hiatus?? 😭😭

  21. Why did you guys drop this manhua?

    1. Major loss of staff. Mostly not much translators. That's why they dropped it.

  22. Awwww You dropped it? How come? I love this series... will anyone else pick it up you think?

    1. In case you haven't found out yet, it's been picked up by another group and should be available on most aggregator sites by now.