Prince, Don’t Do This!

Summary: In order to fulfil her mission of bringing peace to the land, the Princess of Uighur is going to travel to Changan and marry a prince. Her task is extremely difficult! She has to increase her IQ, finish her assignment, and try to win the love of the handsome prince!

Author: Dong Man Tang

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  1. I can't wait for the next chapter release! I'm interested in this manhwa

  2. where i can see the english version?? its cannot see it in

  3. I check out the raws of this manhua and this one is going be a other good manhua :D. Can't wait for more chapter releases on this manhua :3.

  4. May I have the Chinese title? I can't wait so I really want to try the raw.. TvT

  5. Shino please help me ;-; im curious again please tell me the raws to this one i tried to find it in manhuatai but i couldnt -;;;; oh but again its okay if you dont want to xD thank you for everything! Tian jiang xian shu nan is my favorite ♥︎

    1. You can try A3manga.

      Here's the link to it.

    2. oh thank you! i couldn't really find it since i dont undestand the language but now i know! thank you so much~