Star Dream Idol Project

Other name: 星梦偶像计划
The shining lights, the magnificent stage! Friendships created through singing, making a future through dancing, the girls embark on their journey towards their dreams! One who has lost status due to a scandal is hiding a plot behind her back. A pair of bosom friends, separated by fate. A girl who tries to exonerate her mother sets off on her journey for a talent competition. When the stage turns into an empty battlefield, she uses her voice to chase after her dreams.
Author: Yan Tou, White Bear 
Category: Romance, Music

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  1. Thank you so so much!I really love this project!Thank you for you`re hard work!

  2. Hello!
    Is there any way to contact with someone of the staff? >///< I would like to do a re-translate request >____> Sorry for bother.

  3. Thank you so much!!!I always wanted to read this story since I had only seen it in raw.please update the remaining chapters,I can't wait to read them😄😄😍

  4. Replies
    1. Nope it is not if you read the raws raws then u will see romance

  5. I always crave on the Skip Beat! vibe story sans romance and slight naive MC. Thanks for the translation!

    A fan since your work for Qishi Huanxiang Ye.