Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan

Chap 7 

San Yan Xiao Tian lu

It's called San Yan Xiao Tian lu. It's about the Chinese Gods and I think most of the girls will love it. Why? Because it's the about the love between 2 boys. Wait!!! A boy turned into a girl and a boy who loves her. It's called boy shoujo love. It's not Yaoi and I think anyone loves Yaoi will love this manhua though XD 

Now, few things. If anyone knows about the Chinese Gods and especially watches The Journey of the West or any Historical Chinese TV series drama about Sun Wukong and Erlang Shen, you will get the sense of the humour and the awesomeness of the story. The manhua is basically introducing the Gods in the modern time with a little bit of twist about gender love. But it's mainly about Erlang Shen as a girl form. 

The arts is very bad for the few chapters in the beginning but later on, it's very very beautiful. And the story, there's no words. I highly recommend this manhua. There are so many manhua I want to translate and show to you but there's a limit of the group
 capacity ><  I may do another new manhua which is YL's supposed future project. She was going to release it but things happened. Anyway, I'll release that too. 

New manhua coming soon!!!!

I finished the first two chapters and they are being proofreading now. Once they are finished, I'll release them. 

I want you to have a look at these awesome cover pages and the posters.

Very cool and beautiful, right? ^^ 

Samanhua #218

Knight Fantastic Night Chap 128 [ SPOILER]

Since these are the spoiler and chap 128 will be released in Eng version anyway, I'd advise anyone knows Chinese that please don't translate it to Eng if anyone is asking here. 
Also, I don't know how many people are talking behind my back in regards to grammar mistake of the latest chapter of KFN and YL's work. Some informed me about a few grammar mistake as an example, I don't know if there are any others since I'm not a native Eng. I won't be like YL complained this and that too many times. This is my last warning and I don't care if your intention is nice or not. If it's just a small grammar mistake, give people a break, plse! Don't be too picky!!! 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Release II

Chap 5 & 6 

Chap 127 

Chap 58 & 59 

If you notice my translation work ( the chapters that I translated- look at the credit), I try to use the Chinese words so the readers could learn Chinese as well. Of course, I'll include the English meaning next to it. 
Btw, manhua has so many idioms/ slangs  @@  It's ridiculous. Can they even use the normal language? 
For Vampire Sphere, the recent chapters, there are two translators: me and Ying. I think most people will have a difficult time to remember the names. I use the Chinese names and Ying uses the English names. You will see the different names come up but they are actually of the same person. Just one in Chinese and one in English. 
I want to try to use watermark so I experiment it on Knight Fantastic Night because it's the most popular manhua on manga hosting sites comparing to others. The aim is to let more people know about Mystic Crescent Scans and what they are reading is MANHUA. It's really annoying me seeing someone uses the word 'manga/ manhwa'. It's a manhua - a Chinese comic. 

I want to thank our translator team: Ziyi & Ying & Shino (^^) and our proofreader team: Tanner & Gabrielle & Alexie to make all these releases possible. You're awesome!!