Saturday, 9 July 2016

Release IV

Chap 9 - 17 

I've been busy lately so there will be a delay between releases. It depends on my schedule so I can't guarantee how long it might take. But I'll try to do at least 1 chap whenever I can. 

Next is about recruitment. I received lots of email about joining my group as a proofreader. The position is filled as I have enough proofreaders. 
I only need Chinese translators. Now, because I'm busy and won't have time to do the checking or helping with the translation, I won't accept anyone whose Chinese is limited. In the past, I would but now is no. I'm happy that you want to try to help the group out but it will add the burden on me. So, I'm only looking for an experienced Chinese translator or people who speak Chinese  fluently and of course, Eng at or above  average. 

Other than that, happy reading! 


  1. Thanks a lot dear... For uploading so many chapters. U don't know how patiently i was waiting for this series. I m glad that my passionate waiting get so much pleasure now. Thanks for ur hard work.

  2. Thanks for your hard work. I can understand that there be a delay on releases since your busy with your schedule and such. I will wait patiently for the next releases on the other manhuas along with this one as well.

  3. I was too exited to see so many chapters that i didn't read ur speech... 😒

  4. Just saw this manga on a site, im obssessed!Thank you so much

  5. Will be doing The Pharaoh's Concubine manga too

  6. I'm in love with this manga now. Every week is a sweet surprise of a new update.