Saturday, 27 August 2016

San Yan Xiao Tian Lu & Vampire Sphere & Good Luck, Demon King!

San Yan Xiao Tian Lu

 Vampire Sphere 

Chap 76 [SPOLER] 

Good Luck, Demon King! Season 2

I want to clarify about this manhua. It's true it's released after Season 1 but Season 2 is talking about the past like a prequel and it's complete. The Season 1 is still ongoing and it's about the future.  It's best to read Season 2 first then when you read season 1 you will get a full picture of the story. 


  1. Thanks for the update <33!! I really appreciate it :).

  2. another mega release!!!
    thank you <3

  3. Is vampire sphere close almost ending? I will be so sad when that happens but i hope the ending is great. Thanks for all the updates. :)

  4. waa I'm so looking forward! <3

  5. I believe that vampire sphere is still pretty much on going.

  6. Also just wondering but does anyone no where a manhua site where you can buy the manhuas of Vampire Sphere and Qishi Huanxiang Ye at? I'm planning to buy their manhuas in the future.