Monday, 26 December 2016

A few words before New Year comes! AND Christmas Release!!!

It's been a year since Mystic Crescent Scans being established. The group has been gone through up and down, and now I hope it has a place somewhere among international fans. 

I have recruited different people with different skills in translating and proofreading and now I can say I've found the best team ^^
I want to thank Ying, Alisha, Salad & Isabel who are still staying with us, and a big warm welcome to Moonlit3 and KimchiLovesMochi. Of course, a big thank you to former staff as well :) I'm very grateful and thankful to all of the staff who volunteer their time to help out the group. You are all awesome! ^^ 

A very big thank you to fans who are supporting Mystic Crescent Scans despite our imperfections. I always read comments and very happy that there are people out there love our work. 

Okay, enough of me talking and let's go to our presents. 

Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan

 Qishi Huanxiang Ye

Have a happy holiday and be safe! :) 


  1. A big thanks to your entire team for a wonderful year of releases! Hope you all have a fabulous new year to come.

  2. A Big Thank you to you guys ^.^. I hope you have a great year and also a other great year to come. I'll be looking forward for more releases on you guys work and again you guys are awesome ^.^.

  3. Thank you! Happy holidays! All the best in 2017❄❄❄����


    Have a happy Christmas / New Year!!!

    May your job as a translating group become an excellent business!!

    I hope your dreams come to life ( But not like a dinosaur coming to life , to be your pet )

    Anyways I love Mystic Crescent Scans !! Your my No.1 Translating group!!

    Happy Holidays as well!!!

    -Angelogic ( Or call me Angie )

    XOXOXO <3.
    I <3 U guys!!!

  5. I also want to say that I hope you guys continue to translate manhua for us to read and enjoy becasue if it wasn't for you guys I won't be interested into the manhuas you guys translate.

  6. Why is Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan Chapter 63 is still chapter 62? :)